A New Knitting Technique

A knitting book with a NEW technique is just hitting the shelves. It’s called Twigg Stitch and is the brainchild of Vicki Twigg, who developed the technique when trying to knit reversible corrugated (two-color) ribbing.

The subtitle, “a new twist on reversible knitting” is spot on. Worked with two colors in each row, it produces a reversible fabric that’s a cross between double knitting (but the two sides of the fabric are always linked together) and brioche stitch (but there are no yarnovers or knitting into the stitch below the needle). The design possibilities are endless–colorwork, lace, cables, texture patterns, etc. And you can simultaneously create completely different designs on the two faces of the fabric.


I had the good fortune to edit this book for Interweave Press and I can assure you that it’s harder to describe than actually do. Even if you struggle working with two yarns at the same time (I know I do), Twigg Stitch is surprisingly easy to do. And it’s thoroughly addictive.

Interweave sent me an extra copy of the book and I’d like to share it with one of you. Respond to this email by midnight Monday, October 20, and I’ll draw a winner. Due to the increased costs in overseas shipping, this offer is limited to the continental USA.