I’ve knitted swatches of both stitch patterns for my remake of the Garter Lace Jacket from Simple Style.


The Isager Alpaca and Wool yarns that I’m using are a delight to knit and they make the most springy and cushy garter-stitch fabric.

garter detail

I’ve measured the gauge, washed the swatches, measured the gauge again, hung the garter-stitch swatch (with a weight at the bottom) for more than 24 hours, and measured the gauge again. Fortunately, there’s no “hang” factor to the gauge and the number of rows per inch doesn’t change with washing or wearing.

I’m getting 22 stitches to 4″ on size U.S. 5 needles, instead of the 20 stitches to 4″ on size U.S. 8 needles specified by the original pattern, so I’ll have to make some alterations. I want the back width to be 19″, which will take 19 x 5.5 = 104.5 stitches. In a happy coincidence, the third size (finished circumference of 42″) in the pattern calls for 105 stitches for the back. That means I can follow the instructions for that size and have it end up the size I want at my tighter gauge.

4 thoughts on “Swatches”

  1. Love the colour. And thanks for commenting again on the way the yarn works–eg. no hang factor . I wish more knitters who blog would specifically explain how the yarn they choose works.

  2. Your diligence is inspiring, Ann. It does pay to do all this work up front for a good fitting finished garment. K
    udos to you!

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