Oh, Happy Day

Today is my birthday and, somewhat like Bilbo Baggins, I’d like to give a gift. But I don’t have any plans to disappear anytime soon.

Tell me which of my books you’d like and why, and I’ll pick a winner Tuesday morning.


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  1. I think personally I would love to have your book Lace Style but since I have taught my 11 year old granddaughter to knit, I think it would be a good idea to present her with her first knitting book and it should be Scarf Style 2.

  2. You are a very generous giveaway-er! Happy birthday!
    Your Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters would be just wonderful to own.

  3. Happy Birthday Ann! I just finished reading the Hobbit (again) last week and am currently rereading Lord of the Rings and entering Moria. Can I ask for Scarf Style 2 as your birthday present?

  4. Happy Birthday! I have both of your sweater books, and love them. I have knitted sweaters for my 6 grandchildren, my 2 daughters, and myself from those books. I would like the Handy Book of Patterns.

  5. Many happy returns! Wish you a fab b-day 🙂
    I have one of your sweater books, and the book I’d like to try next is the Bag Style. Thanks for the chance to have it!

  6. Many happy returns, Ann, to the day of your birth. Our knitting world rejoices that you were born with the gift of teaching! Scarf Style 2 is my choice.

  7. How generous! HAPPY BiRThDAY Ann. Should I be so lucky I’d like the Interweave Knits book, or any that would help me teach the children at the school Knit Club. I already own the 3 handy pattern books, so not those, thanks.

    BTW do tell if you learnt anything surprising about your ancestry in Norway. I have hit a brick wall when it comes to my Danish gr grandmother when ran away to South Africa with 3 children and a ‘husband’ who she married 11 years and a child later, and we have no idea why. I’d love to unravel that mystery.

  8. Happy Birthday, Ms. Budd:) And LOL on the the LOTR reference. Yes….please don’t disappear:P
    I would like to have to Best Of Interweave Knits:D

  9. A very Happy Birthday to you Ann! Thank you for the giveaway. You are so generous as always. The only book left I don’t have is Sock Knitting Master Class. That would be wonderful to win.

  10. Happy Birthday! What a lovely way to celebrate. I would love to own Favorite Socks. I knitted the baby booties from Quince and learned so many new techniques. Ready for adult size.

  11. Pat (Alicesmom on Ravelry)

    Happy Birthday, My birthday is on Wednesday, and I would love to receive THE BEST OF INTERWEAVE KNITS. It would keep my busy all winter. Knitting and reading.

  12. Happy birthday and Gratulerer! I hope your birthday involves plenty of yarn and plenty of cake, although not necessarily at the same time. All your books are so fine, and I do have a few of them already, but I would love a chance to spend much more time with Sock Knittong Master Class. The public library keeps asking for their copy back!

  13. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Biiiirrrttthhhday dear Ann……..Happy Birthday tooooo yoooouuu! (Imagine a sweet birthday song melody) At every turn your generosity shows through! Thank you for once again sharing with us your great books. I think it would be wonderful to have your book of top down sweaters. What a fun way to celebrate your birthday! I hope that you get many wonderful gifts and plenty of time for knitting in today! May you continue to be blessed in the coming year as you are such a wonderful blessing to so many! Happy Birthday dear Ann!

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂 My mom is knitting her first pair of toe up socks (with two colors)! I would love to surprise her with ‘Favorite Socks.’

  15. Happy Birthday Ann. Have a great day. I would love Scarf Style 1 or 2, just because you are the Best. You showed me how to do the Norwegian cast on in Kitchener and I can still hear your voice when I cast on. Smiles.

  16. Ah, you made my heart happy when you mentioned Bilbo 😀 It’s always so nice to find out other knitters also like Lord of the Rings.
    I would love to have your book Favorite Socks; it sounds like such a lovely book.

  17. Happy Birthday Ann! The book I would most like would be your Getting Started Knitting Socks. I have purchased so much sock year over the years but have been uncertain of how to get started. I think this would do the trick.

  18. Happy Birthday Ann! Thanks for your generosity on your special day. All your books are terrific, but especially love the patterns in Simple Style. I would love to win a copy.

  19. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a lovely day full of peace.
    I will be starting my third sweater from your top down book soon, enjoying it.

    So for my choice I would like Best of Interweave Knits. I started knitting again just after you moved on. So it would be a great way to catch up with you.

  20. A very happy birthday! This is a most generous offer. I would love to have the Handy Book of Sweater patterns. I have several of your books and this one would would fill a void in my library.

  21. Happy birthday! It’s my 25th wedding anniversary! I would love your sweater book, as I’m about to finish one sweater and start another, as well as more socks. I can’t stop!

  22. I would love to have ‘The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns’.. I’m a self-taught knitter. My knitting focus is to try teach myself to design my own sweaters for my family. I’m fascinated by the possiblities of texture and colour. I’ve succeeded ‘reasonably’. I had a copy of this book years ago and it was exceedingly useful in working out quantities and sizes.. Unfortunately I moved countries too much and your book was somehow lost in the shuffle even though I tried to keep it close to me.

  23. Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Ann. Happy Birthday to you….

    That’s as close to singing as I can provide online.

    What a great way to celebrate your birthday. I would love a copy of the Top Down Sweater Patterns.

    I hope you have a great day

  24. Hi: I would love to get a copy of Getting Started Knitting Socks. My sister-in-law is a knitter and on a severe budget. She would like to learn to knit socks, she keeps trying and has not been able to get the hang of it. I don’t live near her, but when she has visited I have showed her this book, which I own. I am teaching my daughter-in-law to knit or I would pass along the book. I think your books are very well written and easy to understand and this gift, prompted by your birthday, would be a nice gesture to a very charity minded in law. Jane Ann knits constantly for her church using donated wool and has raised thousands and thousands of dollars with mittens, scarves, hats, and baby blankets. She is a wonder. thanks again for offering another giveaway.

  25. Happy Birthday Ann!!! Do you knit on your birthday, too?

    At the moment, I will choose Scarf Style 2. I am in need of portable projects to knit while riding the DC Metrorail system. I think Scarf Style 2 could accomplish several purposes of making gifts for others as well as to use personally when I need a little stylish warmth to pull out at a restaurant or chilly office rather than a sweater. I had a difficult decision between Scarf Style 2 and Wrap Style.

    Hope you have fabulous Birthday!!

  26. Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you. Hope you have the best birthday ever!!!!!

  27. Happy Birthday Ann! In the spirit of giving, I would like your book Knitted Gifts, so that I can get started on my Christmas gift knitting.

  28. Happy Birthday to you, and a wish for many, many more! I have many of your books already, but the one I have on my Christmas wish list is Sock Knitting Master Class. I love knitting socks and that is a great book.

  29. Happy Birthday!! Thank you for sharing on your special day, I would love Getting Started Knitting Socks because the name says it all. I love the idea of learning to knit socks.

  30. Happy Birthday! You are so generous! I would love to have the Best on Interweave Knits in my knitting library, please, please……

  31. Happiest of Birthdays Ann! My favourite of all your books is the Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters (probably because I took the class with you also @ KnitEast last year). If I won, I would give it to my beautiful daughter-in-law Casey who just became a knitter while on bed rest during her pregnancy. She is now a newly inspired knitter with a wonderful little girl to knit for.

  32. Happy celebration of you as you are a shining example of a terrific fellow Virgo! Before i say what book I would feel lucky to have from you, let me tell you which book I have felt lucky to have: THE KNITTER’S HANDY BOOK OF PATTERNS. You opened my eyes & fed both my brain & my knitting mojo. The top-down sweater book is awesome & I would feel honored if chosen. Take care!

  33. Happy Birthday! I love the colors in your daybreak shawl. Oh, I would pick the Sock Knitting Master Class because I love socks! Thanks for a chance.

  34. Happy Birthday! Lovely idea to give on your day…I would love to own the Handy Book of Sweater Patterns.

  35. Happy Birthday, Ann! Hope it was truly special, and thank you for the offer. I’d love to win Top Down Sweaters, as I’ve been contemplating moving from knitting lacy socks and sock monkeys to sweaters for some time now. I think it would be nice to have a sweater I have knit for myself. Thank you, again!

  36. Happy, happy birthday!! Here is a birthday wish for a happy and peace-filled year for you..

    If I were to be picked, I would choose “Knitted Gifts”.. I love to do small, lovely projects like those.

    Thanks for including us..

  37. “The Knitter’s Handy Book Of Top-Down Sweaters” would be my choice…..Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Birthday!

  38. Happy Birthday!! I would love to win The Knitter’s Book of Top-Down Sweaters. I’ve perused it and your explanations and directions are fabulous!

  39. Happy Birthday To You, Ann! I have learned so much from you. The only book of yours that I haven’t purchased is Sock Knitting Master Class. Really need to get it one way or the other. Please keep sharing your knitting knowledge.

  40. Happy Birthday, Ann! I love your patterns and books and would really like to add your Handy Book of Top Down Sweaters to my collection. What a nice way to share the celebration!

  41. Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day! (And many more)
    I have a few of your books but not the Knitters Handy Book of Patterns. So, I guess I would chose that one. Thank-you,Ann

  42. Happy Birthday. I am glad you are not going to be with the Elves. I would really like to have the knitter’s handy guide to top down sweaters. I love top down knitting.

  43. Mary Elaine Henderson

    Happy Birthday, Isn’t neat it’s a national holiday on the first? I think I need to add The knitter’s Handy guide to Sweaters to my collection. My roomie (my mom) says I have too many books and I need to get rid of them! Little does she know about the yarn in the closet!

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