Coming and Going

I was in Atlanta last weekend to teach at the Atlanta Knitter’s Guild. Talk about southern hospitality — look at the cake they had ready (yum!):


I finished my Stephen West Daybreak shawl on the plane and was glad to have it at times in the cold air-conditioned buildings.

all done

Tomorrow I head to The Loopy Ewe’s Fall Fling. Fortunately, it’s being held just an hour from my house so I don’t have to get on a plane. Still, I’ll want to have something to knit on during the evenings. Guess I’ll have to tear through my stash tonight to find something that strikes my fancy.

3 thoughts on “Coming and Going”

  1. Have lots of fun at the Loopy Ewe fling. Greet those wonderful folks for me. Sshhhh they are my favorite yarn shop. I received my book yesterday. Again thanks a whole bunch!!!!

  2. Or, you could pick out some yarn in between classes at the Loopy Ewe. P.S. Just attended Stephanie Pearl McPhee’s talk before the Fling. Well attended and so much fun!

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