Sockupied, the Book

Sockupied premiered in 2010 as an all-digital, fully interactive publication with pop-ups, slide shows, videos, bells, and whistles. But, 20 of the best projects are now available unplugged in good old-fashioned book form.

Sockupied book cover

Among the 20 patterns are two of my designs. I designed Twisted Diamonds to take advantage of the Channel Island cast-on. The picots of the cast-on align with twisted knit stitches that surround the legs. A few “cables” add interest at the cuff and along the sides of the leg (called “clocks”).

Twisted Diamonds

Ann’s Go-To Socks are aptly named — I’ve knitted dozens of these socks. They incorporate a simple k3, p1 rib around the leg and along the instep.

Ann's Go-To Socks

Interweave sent me two complimentary copies of this book — I suppose one copy for each of pair of socks. Shelf space is becoming prime real estate at my home office so I’d like to unload one copy. Respond to this email — tell me how many pairs of socks you’ve knitted (or dreamed of knitting) — and I’ll draw a lucky name on Monday, August 4.

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  1. I’ve been on a tear this year knitting socks, always have 2 pairs on the needle. Would love this book – am ready to move away from vanilla sock pattern I love. Well, maybe not move away, just branch out a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I designated this summer my summer of socks and am on my 4th pair. But I go in spurts when it comes to socks and have probably made 12 or 15 pairs all together

  3. I’ve knit 8 pairs of socks, all wearable, one tiny pair in a class of yours, and have two in process. That’s 8, 10 or eleven pairs, depending on how you count them. I would absolutely love to have this book, and remember fondly the sock class I took with you at Rhinebeck. I still use the tricks you taught us.


  4. Have been knitting for decades. All if my friends tell me that socks are such fun! What better way to begin than with a book of yours, Ann! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I can’t even count how many socks I have knitted. Everyone gets socks and I always have a pair (two-at-a-time) on my needles.

  6. Karen Hurchinson

    Who knows how many pairs I’ve done in my
    lifetime. Currently I use at least 12 pairs, my husband another 7 or 8 pairs, gifts to children and other family members another dozen at least. There is always at least one pair on needles for traveling or waiting in drs office. Since I started doing two socks at a time with the magic loop they are my go to quick project. The book sounds great.

  7. Sharla Bratton Dierks

    I’m very new to the knitting world. I’ve only finished 2 pr. First pr out of sock yarn, second pr out of worsted. My third pr is almost finished. I really want to master the art if making socks.

  8. I estimate I have knit about 10 to 1v2 pair, which makes me look like a “newbie” with this group!!! Almost all for my husband who cherishes them all…would be very grateful to have your extra copy…

  9. Nan,
    I stRted knitting socks several years ago. Actually knit one pair as “prayer socks” for a very sick friend of mine ( I had given her a shawl years ago and socks seemed a good alternative). I knit socks for people who said they didn’t want socks and now they keep asking for more. Never without a pair on needles. Would love the book so I can expand my repertoire.

  10. It is an excellent book, I purchased it at my LYS. so, count me out of the drawing.
    My sock drawers contains 39 pair of hand knit socks, I am guessing with gift socks, that I am over 100 pairs knit.

  11. Hi Ann, I am fairly new to sock knitting, but I have sent both of my girls 2pair of socks while they work for the nationa park service in Denali. I always use the pattern I learned with, but it would be fun to branch out.

  12. I have knit three pairs of socks. I learned to knit socks using your book! I have two more pairs on the needles!

  13. About 9 pairs although 1 pair was technically my first try as they do not fit anyone and don’t quit match. ;>

  14. I have knit about 80 pairs so far. I LOVE knitting socks, and rarely knit the same pattern twice. So I have dreams of knitting thousand more pairs to try all the patterns once!

  15. I’ve knitted 8 pairs of socks, I believe, since I started knitting last September. I dream of knitting a lot of socks, especially the kind that can be worn with just about any outfit (although I love the really fancy, intricate designs and want to knit some of those just for the fun of it).

  16. I have knitted two pairs of socks and three pairs of booties ( your pattern). One pair of socks was a dismal failure and the other is
    my daughter’s favorite item that I’ve ever knitted for her. Feeling lucky.

  17. I have knit 4 pairs of socks, so far. I hope to have a whole drawer full of handmade socks in the next year or so. It may well be my 2015 goal. (Family members are slowing this plan as they take the newly finished pair for themselves!)

  18. I just finished my first pair of socks – your Go-To Sock. I love it and can’t wait to start another pair!

  19. I have knit over 2 dozen pairs of socks plus I have Rhinebeck sock stash for a couple more …..

  20. I’m just a beginner of socks knitting. I’ve knitted only 3 pairs of socks including your designed one. I bought your e-book, “Getting Started Knitting Socks.” This book is incredible! I just followed your step-by-step instruction, and I could knit one nice pair without any difficulties. I was so glad. Thank you, Ann! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Mary Elaine Henderson

    I am a beginner knitter. I have enough yarn to knit at least six pairs of socks. I have two started. I need to finish a drawer full of socks because I can’t find any that fit me. I hope to finish a pair this year…

  22. I have knit maybe 8 pairs of socks. Have a few of socks without mates. I have lots of sock yarn to knit and have numerous requests to knit for family members. I dream of having a whole clotheline full of knitted socks hanging with clothespins, like the cookbook cover of Mennonite Girls can Cook with their handmade aprons.

  23. Therese Inverso

    I teach knitting, including sock knitting, and when my students ask if I hand- or machine- wash socks, I reply “I wait until I have 20 or 30 pairs of socks to wash, and then machine-wash, gentle cycle.” Drives them crazy, but between my husband and me, it’s easy to have that many pairs of socks ready to wash every couple of months during “sock-wearing season”.

    Naturally I’d love a book with more sock ideas!

  24. Hey Ann as you might know I’m a huge fan of your patterns. I already have yarn for both of these projects ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. i checked my ravelry projects and see that i have knit 12 pairs of socks, which seems like a lot to me. and then i noticed that i had given away eight of those pairs. ah, no wonder i didn’t realize how many i had knit. (=

  26. I love knitting socks and am on pair 110 at the moment. I have used a few very favorite patterns more than once, but like to try new ones. They are so handy for knitting in the car and I always
    have one going. I leave the bigger and more complicated projects for home. I have some of your books and always like your patterns.

  27. Ann, I would, of course, love to have a copy of this book. I can’t tell you how many pairs of socks I have knit since the first sock I ever knit 25 years ago. Right now I am knitting 3 pair to use as samples for a beginner’s sock knitting class I will be teaching in the fall. I have never used a k3p1 rib and would like to give that pattern a try as I really need socks that “hug my legs”. ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Thank you for the chance to win this book. I learned how to knit socks using your “Getting Started Knitting Socks.” The go to socks truly are my go to socks pattern. I enjoy mixing it up and would love a copy of the book so that I can knit the twisted diamond socks.

  29. I have knit 11 pairs of socks since I started knitting in 2011. Socks are definitely my “go-to” project and I always have at least one pair on the needles.

  30. In have knit probably 50 pairs of socks. Right now I have about 30 pair that I wear, my husband has about a dozen. I know, I know. Doesn’t seem quite fair that my husband doesn’t have as many as me, but he’s happy that I knit him a new pair every now and then.
    I’d love to win this book. Love new sock patterns.

  31. I love patterns that make me pay attention, probably half of my socks have been gifted, but I’ve knit between 30-50 pair.

  32. I’ve knit 15 pairs since I started knitting socks. Most of them are your basic “6 stitches to the inch” pattern from your book “Getting Started Knitting Socks” (I love that book!). Most of them are gifts, but have a few pairs for myself. I always have a sock project in my commuting bag and one by the TV.

  33. I’ve only knit 2 pairs in simple stockinette but feel ready to move on to more challenging designs.

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