Sockupied, the Book

Sockupied premiered in 2010 as an all-digital, fully interactive publication with pop-ups, slide shows, videos, bells, and whistles. But, 20 of the best projects are now available unplugged in good old-fashioned book form.

Sockupied book cover

Among the 20 patterns are two of my designs. I designed Twisted Diamonds to take advantage of the Channel Island cast-on. The picots of the cast-on align with twisted knit stitches that surround the legs. A few “cables” add interest at the cuff and along the sides of the leg (called “clocks”).

Twisted Diamonds

Ann’s Go-To Socks are aptly named — I’ve knitted dozens of these socks. They incorporate a simple k3, p1 rib around the leg and along the instep.

Ann's Go-To Socks

Interweave sent me two complimentary copies of this book — I suppose one copy for each of pair of socks. Shelf space is becoming prime real estate at my home office so I’d like to unload one copy. Respond to this email — tell me how many pairs of socks you’ve knitted (or dreamed of knitting) — and I’ll draw a lucky name on Monday, August 4.