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Nap Time!

I finished my handspun alpaca stash blanket and am pleased to announce that I finished the edging with yarn to spare.

finished blanket 1

I would have posted a photo sooner, but as soon as I took the photo, I decided that I needed to try it out for an inaugural nap. Oh, my, does it ever feel good! I could swear I’m sleeping on– er, make that under– a cloud. Good thing the temps have returned to their seasonal highs or I might lie around all day!

10 thoughts on “Nap Time!”

  1. This is something which would be fought over in our house. I am now inspired to get going to finish the alpaca blanket which I have been knitting for my husband. It is too far along to frog back, but I would have preferred the way you knit yours to the all in one version I am doing. I designed my own basketweave pattern, and am alternating moss green with the odd set of navy blue stripes. My husband wanted a masculine blanket in his favourite colors. I agree with you, the knitted fabric is light, warm and very conducive to napping. I have found myself nodding off while I knit it and the large amount of blanket is on my lap. But yours is much nicer and I am envious but inspired. Thanks Ann for posting this project.

  2. I have to say that when you started the blanket did not like it at all…….. But now it is finished I think it looks quite wonderful. Congratulations

  3. That is so beautiful and unique. You amaze me with how fast you knit and complete items. Which I had your diligence, you must not watch any TV.

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