Travel Knitting

Before I left for the Craft Cruise to Alaska in May, I fretted over what knitting project I’d bring. I wanted something relative simple that wouldn’t require a lot of close attention. I wanted something that would last through all the plane, train, and bus rides. And, based on painful experience,  I wanted something that could be knitted on a circular needle so I wouldn’t risk the chance of losing a needle.

I decided to knit another skirt! I love the short skirt I knitted from Wollemeise yarn that I got from The Loopy Ewe last year (I called the skirt Putting on the Pleats and you can purchase it on Ravelry).


I happened to have three more skeins of the same glorious yarn in a deep red, which should be plenty for a knee-length version. I cast on 246 stitches (on size 3 needles) and joined (without twisting the stitches!) before I boarded the plane to Vancouver, British Columbia.

skirt cast-on

This turned out to be an excellent travel project. The knitting was simple enough to work on when the lighting was poor or the distractions were many. Here’s the progress I made by the time I returned home.

about halfway

I’m working the skirt from the waistband down, just as for Putting on the Pleats, but I’ve modified the pleats to include subtle vertical texture. I hope to make this one long enough to cover my not-so-attractive knees.

6 thoughts on “Travel Knitting”

  1. Ann, your skirt idea sounds like it’s just the project for a long trip.
    I’m envious of you wearing knit skirt(s).
    My usual foot mode includes hand-knit sox
    And they certainly are not the look a knit skirt requires.

    Be certain to keep us in the loop on progress of this gorgeous red skirt.


  2. I really love your skirt! I looked at the Rav page to see if it would fit into my stash, but the yardage requirement says 1 yard! That would really be stretching it for me, anyway. Can you update that with the correct yardage or number of skeins? I’d love to wear this ti the Fall Fling!

  3. Hmm, I wonder how I managed to do that?! I tried to update the pattern but I can’t seem to figure out how.
    In the meantime, the skirt requires 2 (3, 3, 3, 3) skeins at 574 yd/skein.
    The finished sizes are 33 1/2 (35 1/2, 37 1/4, 39 1/4)” at the hips.

  4. Ann, I love it!! I need to start knitting the skirts!!! I wanted wear skirts at this years KRR and haven’t started one yet.

  5. I wish I had paid better attention to your post! The textured pleats look great and would hide my sins so obvious in stockinette.

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