Travel Knitting

Before I left for the Craft Cruise to Alaska in May, I fretted over what knitting project I’d bring. I wanted something relative simple that wouldn’t require a lot of close attention. I wanted something that would last through all the plane, train, and bus rides. And, based on painful experience,  I wanted something that could be knitted on a circular needle so I wouldn’t risk the chance of losing a needle.

I decided to knit another skirt! I love the short skirt I knitted from Wollemeise yarn that I got from The Loopy Ewe last year (I called the skirt Putting on the Pleats and you can purchase it on Ravelry).


I happened to have three more skeins of the same glorious yarn in a deep red, which should be plenty for a knee-length version. I cast on 246 stitches (on size 3 needles) and joined (without twisting the stitches!) before I boarded the plane to Vancouver, British Columbia.

skirt cast-on

This turned out to be an excellent travel project. The knitting was simple enough to work on when the lighting was poor or the distractions were many. Here’s the progress I made by the time I returned home.

about halfway

I’m working the skirt from the waistband down, just as for Putting on the Pleats, but I’ve modified the pleats to include subtle vertical texture. I hope to make this one long enough to cover my not-so-attractive knees.