More Miters

We’ve had a bit of cool weather lately, which has made it possible for me to work on my mitered-square afghan. I’m enjoying the rather serendipitous use of the different colors of the alpaca yarn.

4-20 progress1

The piece is getting pretty big though, which makes it harder and harder to get a decent photo. I’m going to have to resort to more artistic angles — I love the way the garter ridges show up when viewed from a low angle! I’m using two strands of my very thin 2-ply handspun for this block — the other yarns are closer to worsted weight in thickness.

4-20 progress2

2 thoughts on “More Miters”

  1. It looks great! Are you sketching out a plan of colours and blocks or just winging it as you go along?

  2. Both. I sketched out a diagram of the block size. I’m mostly winging the color selection, though, based on the amount of yarn I have of each color. I have two sources of the dark brown (one that I spun and another that I bought) so it looks as though there’s twice as much of the dark brown than the other colors, but I think I’m using about an equal amount of each source, except for the light gray, of which I only had one skien.

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