Lucky Day

Today is Friday the thirteenth. I’d love to know how this date came to be considered unlucky. Whatever the reason, I’m taking an optimistic approach today. And I think you should, too.

That’s why I’m holding a raffle for one of my patterns. Respond to this email by midnight tonight to tell me which pattern you’d like (for some reason, you have to click on “Accessories” to see the Cable-Edge Scarf pattern) and I’ll draw a winner.

Here’s to good luck all around!

43 thoughts on “Lucky Day”

  1. No question….the new Goat herder sweater would be my choice if my name is drawn. Love that classic design! Happy Friday.

  2. It would be a toss-up between the meringue yoke cardigan and the cable edged scarf. I’d have to let you choose…

  3. Not feeling too lucky since I haven’t been feeling well lately. That cable edge scarf is beautiful ! Thanks for the opportunity

  4. The Masse Mitts would make for good Christmas gifts and summer knitting. (Getting too hot for afghan knitting.) What could be better on Friday the 13th ……………… Remember to look at the huge full moon tonight! Cheers!

  5. Thank you for turning the day around! I would love the striped angora raglan sweater pattern!

  6. Marie VanVorce

    I would appreciate the Weekend Jacket pattern. Thank you for picking my name. My Mother always liked Friday the 13th..maybe it will lucky for me!

  7. Ann, If my name is chosen, I would like the Cable-Edge Scarf. Thanks for making Friday the 13th a day filled with the hope of having a new pattern to knit! Kay

  8. Pat (Alicesmom on Ravelry)

    I would choose the Lacy bell pullover. I have admired it for awhile and have the yarn waiting.

  9. Cable Edge Scarf, because I am intrigued with the combination of the main body portion, edged with cables.
    Happy Friday the 13th with a full moon.

  10. I think the 13th was bad luck because of the Knight of the Templar were massacred on Friday the 13 by the Roman Catholic Church. So the story goes…

    The goat herder sweater would be great. Thank you if I win:-)

  11. It is hard to choose just one but I think if would like the Goat Herder Sweater pattern since I watched your progress over the past few months.

  12. Deborah Gajee

    Really hard to choose but if I had to it would Aime Shawl. Happy Friday 13th!!!

  13. If I am lucky I would love the Bellefleur Shawl. Until I read your post I had no idea it was Friday 13th had a good day myself…….If I had known would it still have a good one lol

  14. Barbara Cerri

    Do we really have to pick just one? Goat Herder Sweater and weekend jacket are my favorites.

  15. Since I consider you the grand dame of socks I would love your Go To Socks pattern. Wish me luck for the raffle.

  16. Jane Lippmann

    If I’m lucky enough to win your raffle, I’d love to have a copy of your Cable-Edge Scarf.

  17. If I win, I would love the Goat Herder Pullover. I’ve been eyeing that since you started it!

  18. I think the Weekend Jacket has to be my next project! It’ll be perfect for Fall and I need to get over my fear of zippers and knitting!!
    On a side note, all my grandfathers died on [different] Friday the 13ths! (Maternal, Paternal, Step-Maternal, and Elderly neighbors that we called “grandparents” when we were yound and transferred far from family!)

  19. After seeing the weekend jacket in person, I have to that this is the one for me should I win. Woooooohoooo am I feeling lucky tonight. By the way did everyone see that BEAUTIFUL strawberry moon tonight? Gorgeous!

  20. Sorry I emailed you as well. If I were to win I would like your new pattern for the cabled scarf.

  21. I, too, fell in love with the cable-edge scarf! I’ve been thinking about a scarf with that shape. And thinking about how much I enjoy cabling. Ta Dah – a marriage made in heaven! And it’s reversible?!!!

  22. I misunderstood your instructions as it said to reply to email,not leave comment below. I hope I am not removed from draw. I would love the Goat Herder pattern. It is something I have been waiting and waiting for you to post. In the meantime my husband has enacted a shutdown of my knitting budget. Will allow me to buy enough shelter to knit one sweater. a good reason, I have lots of yarn but I have severe Crohn’s and its gone cuckoo. Too many expenses. But i have tons of your patterns and books to keep me going . I am such a huge fan of your designs.

  23. Lucy Harrington

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for the Goat Herder Sweater! I have two sons that would love one, and it’s early enough in the year that I have a good chance of finishing them by Xmas!

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