Craft Cruise Recap

I’ve recently returned from teaching on a Craft Cruise to see musk ox and glaciers in Alaska. The cruise left from Vancouver, Canada, and ended in Seward, Alaska, seven days later. We then took a four-day extension to Anchorage and Denali National Park. Wow. What a great experience! We were on a Holland America cruise ship with 2,000 other people, but the 36 of us felt like we had our own special event. It felt cozy and intimate even though the ship was the size of several city blocks.

We took lots of photos (for us), but I’ll only subject you to a few.

Here’s a photo I took from the window of a float plane as we flew over the “misty fiords”. The scenery was breathtaking!

Alaskan fiords

My husband David came along and was very patient with my qiviut addiction. Here’s a rare photo of the two of us.

David and me in Danali

Speaking of qiviut, I got to see musk ox up close at a game preserve. I could have used it coat that day. Brrr!

Me and musk ox

We also got to visit Jeff King’s ranch where he raises ididerod-winning huskies. The puppies shown here belonged to our bus driver. These are amazing dogs! And they let us hold the smaller puppies so they would get accustomed to people and activity. If they hadn’t counted the pups before the bus pulled out of the parking lot, I think a few would have gone missing.

Ididerod puppies

I don’t know how we lucked out, but the weather couldn’t have been nicer and we had a clear view of Mt. Mckinley for two days! We were told that only about 10% of the visitors see it without any clouds.

Mt McKinley

And there’s no kidding about Alaska being the land of the midnight sun. Here’s the view at the airport just before we boarded our plane home from Anchorage at midnight!

Anchorage at midnight

Because we were traveling east, we never saw the sun set that day.

Craft cruises schedules the Alaska trip every two years. I certainly wouldn’t mind going back!

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  1. It is great you saw Mt. McKinley, I certainly did not on my first attempt. The scenery is beautiful, I did live in Alaska for a few years.

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