A Craftsy Class

The class I taped for Craftsy in Aprin, called Save Our Stitches: Fixing Knitting Mistakes, goes live today.


In this class, you’ll learn how to minimize your knitting mistakes and correct them if they do occur. Throughout the lessons, I’ll guide you through a variety of demonstrations and swatches that will teach you how to read your knitting and fix mistakes. Because the class is available anywhere you have internet access, you can use it as a reference tool–access it any time to quickly find the mistake you’re facing and the best way to correct it.

The class is organized in 8 lessons:

Lesson 1: Identifying Stitch and Reading Charts

Lesson 2: Counting Rows

Lesson 3: Finding Your Place

Lesson 4: Identifying Mistakes

Lesson 5: Drop Down and Ladder Up

Lesson 6: Drop Down and Ladder Up in Lace

Lesson 7: Ripping Out

Lesson 8: Correcting Mistakes After Binding Off

To celebrate, I’ll give away a free class. Just post a comment to this post to let me know your most nightmare mistake and I’ll draw a winner on Thursday.


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  1. After knitting and almost finishing a lace shawl I had one too many, made a mistake. Instead of waiting for a sober moment to fix it thought I could at that point and ended up frogging it all.

  2. Every mistake is a nightmare- the only fixing I know how to do is to “unknit” and hope I can fix it from there rather than frog!

  3. Congratulations Ann! I can’t wait to see your class! This is certainly one that everyone of us can use!!!
    My nightmare was doing a cable front instead of a cable back and I didn’t notice until the entire front was finished and it was in the lower third of the sweater. Frogged that baby back, I did! It was at that moment that I realized margaritas and cables don’t mix. LOL

  4. After I finished a baby sweater I accidentally took where I joined a new yarn. I had to recreate knit stitches with my darning needle. Even though I fixed the mistake it is still in timeout. The only thing left to do is sew on 5 buttons, but I get annoyed every time I pick it back up!

  5. I have been knitting now for 4 months and mistakes seem to always be at my side. I don’t have a huge nightmare of ripping out lace or a whole cardigan because I am too afraid to even try to start one.

    I have made scarves and dishcloths all with mistakes and a pair of socks, well a sock, that has been frogged so many times the wool is beginning to felt

  6. I was knitting a pure mohair scarf in a beautiful copper colour for my daughter in law. A fairly simply lace pattern but one with large holes. I did not put in any safety lines. After knitting for two hours I put the scarf down on the kitchen table and noticed that i had obviously picked up and started knitting at the wrong row in the pattern repeat. Since the scarf was already a good twelve to fourteen inches long I tried very hard to rip back about four to 5 inches to the mistake. Impossible, especially with mohair. I had to frog the entire scarf and start over. quite the learning experience. But it turned out very beautiful.

  7. And I forgot to add thank you for offering this class. It looks great. I wish you would offer a few more classes on Craftsy for people like myself that cannot make it to your workshops. Love to see the baby bootie one offered because the pattern you use is one that you cannot buy anywhere.

  8. I have been eager to add your class to my others & have had the great pleasure of buying it. Lovely so see you looking so relaxed as I know you get nervous, congratulations I hope they bring you back for another class sometime 🙂

  9. although I have made many knitting mistakes, my nightmare was accidentally placing the Cladonia Shawl in the washer without placing it into a nylon bag first. It caught on the spinner that ripped the yarn and caused a huge gaping hole in the lace border. I have ripped it out and put the live stitches on a needle, but still have not re-knit it as i re-wrote the pattern for the first couple of rows of the border, but cannot find my notes!!!! This happened in December 2012. btw, I love Craftsy classes!

  10. Tying a knot to join yarn thinking I would come back untie it and work in the ends. I was working with a silk/bamboo lace weight yarn that once tied in a note did not want to come loose. It took a dental took and a lot of patience to fix this mistake.

  11. I made a cute red cape for my niece and managed to knit the collar on backwards twice before I figured it out. I remember the moment when I figured out that being a better knitter meant being able to fix my mistakes instead of just not making mistakes.

  12. Earlier this year I followed a pattern for a knitted bird and somehow attached the head on upside down. It basically looked like a dead bird so I turned it into a catnip toy for the cats as it was no longer well suited for a gift for my dad!

  13. Starting to knit with the tail of the cast-on rather then the working yarn. Duh. At least it’s at the beginning and hot halfway through.

  14. Ripping out cables and not being able to read my knitting to figure out where to restart. I would still be re-knitting and ripping if a friend hadn’t read the chart and my knitting for me. It took her all of 5 seconds!

  15. My nightmare mistake was knitting a sweater for my husband. I knitted and washed a swatch sample. I checked my gauge, figured out my numbers. I knitted the entire sweater sleeves and all and before I bound off I had him try it on and it was huge on him.

    This solution was to rip the whole thing out and started all over again. In the end the sweater was fabulous albeit, knitted twice.

  16. I was knitting Yosolda’s Lauriel and I knit the yoke with a smaller needle to snug it up but forgot to switch to the larger needle for the rest after about 4″. I went in to my LYS crying and wanting a drink (it was 10a.m.) Thank goodness my fantastic knitting teacher solved the problem by refiguring the math. All was well and the sweater looks and fits great.

  17. Dropping a tich when you are in the ribbing stage of knitting a sock. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What to do with the crochet hook. I end up undoing and redoing. Help !!!! Thank you. Roxanne.

  18. I’d sure like to win this, it sounds so helpful. I have still have problems picking up a dropped garter stitch when it’s a few rows down. Getting the knit and purl rows right on the the way back up seems to be a problem for me.

  19. denise labenski

    I have a problem ripping out mistakes on lacework-type patterns with yarnovers and decreases…talk about feeling inept!

  20. Biggest problem is fixing mistakes in lace patterns. Learning how to do that would be fabulous! Congrats on your new class, Ann!

  21. My most nightmare mistake: finding a problem on lace socks two or three rows down knitting two at a time magic loop when the mistake is only on one sock.

    Only way I know is to unknit both socks until I get to a good row on both. (Or maybe take the good sock off and put it on another needle and unknit the bad one, reknit up to the second sock and put the second back on, but that gets so messy…)

  22. Any mistake in lace for me is a nightmare. I can barely handle basic mistakes, so your class sounds really helpful! 🙂

  23. After knitting over 80% of an afghan, I found a dropped stich in the first quarter. Aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhh!

  24. Finding a mistake several rounds back in a 2 color double knitting pattern and fixing it without ripping out. Also fixing lace – I usually just need to rip.

  25. Suzan Hawthorne

    I hate when I make he same mistake over and over and have to keep ripping back because of it.

  26. Suzan Hawthorne

    I also hate when I make typos over simple words like ‘the’ and I don’t catch it!

  27. I have a good start on a sweater when I realized there was a mistake………didn’t know how to fix it, so the project is now sitting in a bag in the closet!

  28. Knitted an entire sweater for a friend. It was all cables tilting to the right. When I was all finished I saw that one of the very first cables tilted to the left! I have been knitting forever and I really took that little wrong cable personally 🙂

  29. Oh darn! I signed up as soon as I saw the class! Loving it – thank you for all the work that went into it.

  30. I agree with Cindy (above )
    Reversing a cable
    And not finding it until rows and rows past.
    CONGRATS and your new Craftsy class!

  31. My worst mistake was choosing the wrong shade of green in a fair isle sweater and not seeing it until I was 3 inches up from the hem. Had to rip back and get another shade of green. It was painful.

    I also can’t ladder down and fix anything in garter stitch.

    I also can’t fix anything post-bind off since it seems to be cemented by then.

    Mostly – I’m struggling with pattern reading now. I’m trying to make the “aran duffle” from Interweave Knits Magazine and can’t make heads/tails of pattern in words or charts.

    I find your directions very easy – I love, love, love “Getting Started Knitting Socks” and have talked that book up to everyone I know!

  32. Anything with yarn overs, decreases, knit/purl through the back loop! Although for me the worst is when I know my count is off and just can’t find the mistake. I started a really cute beret and haven’t touched it in a year because halfway through I found that my count is off and just can’t find the mistake. I know I need to just frog and recount, frog and recount until I find it, but that’s so darn depressing…..

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