Why I’m a Spoiled Brat #21

A little over a month ago I attended the Hill Country Weavers’s retreat in Austin, Texas. As if having more fun than should be legal wasn’t enough, I received another gift for teaching. Cindy, the main organizer and one of my best besties knitted this hat for me.

Hill Country Hat 1 Hill Country Hat 2

This is called the Keep Austin Weird Hat. It’s made with two contrasting skeins of Noro yarn (though I can’t tell where one skein begins and the other ends in this hat) and is incredibly warm and comfortable. Even my twenty-year-old sons approve. Contact Hill Country Weavers for the pattern — I’m sure they’d send it to you.

Where I live, spring is a three-month fight between winter and summer. There are sure to be many more cold days before summer wins. And I plan to wear this hat every one of them!

4 thoughts on “Why I’m a Spoiled Brat #21”

  1. What a great hat! And the generosity of the gift!! Where I live winter is 8 months long and I would certainly know a few people who could wear this with pride.

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