What a Week

My 93-year-old father got sick last weekend. He lives alone (my mother has dementia and lives in a care center that’s in the same complex) so I went to take care of him. By Tuesday, he was very weak and having trouble getting his breath. Turns out, he has pneumonia. I stayed with him until Friday, when my brother came to relieve me and I had fully contacted his cold. But, I’m happy to announce that Dad is doing much better now and no longer needs 24-hour care.

I’m once again hopelessly behind on my work, but I did manage to finish the pullover I’ve been working on. I’ve named this Goat-Herder Pullover in honor of my son’s lifestyle. I can easily imagine him wearing it to tend to the goats, collect eggs, and weed the garden. Come to think of it, the chevron pattern on the yoke looks something like chicken scratches…

Completed sweater


8 thoughts on “What a Week”

  1. The sweater is perfect for a young man. It looks sturdy, warm and beautifully knit. The long winter has been hard on many elderly people and the pneumonia bug is a nasty. Keep an eye on him, the bug can go into hiding and flare up again. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  2. p.s. Please publish this pattern. I love it and it is just the one I have been looking for to knit for my two sons.

  3. So glad your dad is doing better. Now, you shake that cold and rejoice in that beautiful sweater.

  4. The sweater is just wonderfu! Glad that your father is better. After you get better, it sounds like you could use a massage!

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