Spring Dreaming

It’s snowing again. But it’s a wet snow that started as rain and so far, it’s only sticking to the grass.

The cold weather aside, I’m looking particularly forward to spring this year because I’ll be teaching knitting classes on a Craft Cruise to Alaska this May.


I suppose it won’t be balmy in Alaska in May, but the spectacular scenery will be worth the extra layers I might need. I have it on very good authority that there are still a few spaces are available and that at least one person is looking for a roommate. I also have a hunch that prices may drop as the departure date approaches.

If would be lovely to see on the cruise or the 4-day extension that includes a trip to Denali National Part, a visit to the Oomingmak Cooperative and the Husky Homestead, and a tour of the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer (with the chance to comb for quiviut). I get dizzy just thinking about it.

5 thoughts on “Spring Dreaming”

  1. May and June are usually our best months. The drizzling rain starts in July and goes thought August. Then, time to get ready for snow. But, sometimes, we get a summer that is more glorious than others. I hope you have a great time and remember to pack for layering.

  2. We did the Alaskan cruise last May and it was fantastic! The scenery is so gorgeous, it trumps knitting, although I was able finish a sweater on the trip 😉 And, the weather was comfortable for the most part – not too cold, except near the glaciers.

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