Sweater Challenge

Instead of going to college, my oldest son is trying to live a sustainable life with two other like-minded activists in south-central Oregon. He has a day job to cover his share of the expenses, but his joy is in raising their fledgling herd of goats and flock of chickens and cultivating vegetables.

When he said he “wouldn’t mind” a handknitted sweater (he buys most of his clothes from thrift stores), I pounced. Being male, he doesn’t care for flashy or fussy clothes so my challenge will be to come up with a design that will be dull enough for him to feel comfortable wearing and interesting enough for me to want to knit.

I’ve passed the first hurdle by choosing a dark blue yarn (why, oh why, do men always choose navy, brown, or charcoal?). But instead of choosing a solid yarn, I got him to agree to Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter in the Old Navy colorway. Yes, it’s a dark color, but it’s far from drab. Lively flecks of turquoise, cobalt, deep gold, and bright red literally dance across the navy base. My son embraced the casual, rustic look that includes small bits of vegetable matter and the slightly felted feel. I’ve worked with Shelter for the Guston pullover in Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People Volume 2 and I’m quite delighted to use it again.

yarn photoThe next step is to sketch some ideas. Stay tuned!