Weekend Adventure

Last weekend I joined Susan B. Anderson, Deb Barnhill, Bristol Ivy, Mary Jane Mucklestone, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to teach at KnitEast in St. Andrews On-the-Sea in New Brunswick, Canada.

The event was held at the historic Algonquin Hotel, which is beautifully situated a couple of blocks from the Bay of Fundy (which boasts 25-foot tides!).


For those of you who are as bad at geography as I am, this is located in a time zone that doesn’t even exist in the United States. I had to board three different planes to get there. And that’s when the adventure began. (A friend claims I have a travel curse.)

  • I didn’t get a boarding pass for the third leg of the flight and missed the plane.
  • I got blisters on both the top and bottom of my right foot from running from one service counter to another trying to get said boarding pass.
  • The flight I got on landed at midnight, which meant I missed the ride that was to take me to the hotel, located more than an hour away.
  • I had to pay big $$ to take a cab (fortunately there was a cab!).
  • The cab driver got lost, which added 20 minutes to the very long, very dark ride.
  • The clock in my room didn’t work so I had to refer to my cell phone.
  • My cell phone provider doesn’t seem to recognize the Maritime time zone so I was an hour off, which I didn’t discover until I got a call wondering why I wasn’t in class.
  • When I got to Chicago for the last leg of my return flight, I was told I no longer had a reservation–it had “disappeared” from the system.

But in between all that, I had a great time. The students were wonderful and the location was beautiful. Besides, I got to have a lovely sunset dinner with Susan Anderson, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and Deb Barnhill (not shown).

Steph and Susan

As I checked out, I was told that the hotel was haunted and that one of the ghosts had made an appearance that weekend. A workman caught her on his camera and shared the image.


Do you see her in the doorway? Could she be responsible for some of my mishaps?