Weekend Adventure

Last weekend I joined Susan B. Anderson, Deb Barnhill, Bristol Ivy, Mary Jane Mucklestone, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee to teach at KnitEast in St. Andrews On-the-Sea in New Brunswick, Canada.

The event was held at the historic Algonquin Hotel, which is beautifully situated a couple of blocks from the Bay of Fundy (which boasts 25-foot tides!).


For those of you who are as bad at geography as I am, this is located in a time zone that doesn’t even exist in the United States. I had to board three different planes to get there. And that’s when the adventure began. (A friend claims I have a travel curse.)

  • I didn’t get a boarding pass for the third leg of the flight and missed the plane.
  • I got blisters on both the top and bottom of my right foot from running from one service counter to another trying to get said boarding pass.
  • The flight I got on landed at midnight, which meant I missed the ride that was to take me to the hotel, located more than an hour away.
  • I had to pay big $$ to take a cab (fortunately there was a cab!).
  • The cab driver got lost, which added 20 minutes to the very long, very dark ride.
  • The clock in my room didn’t work so I had to refer to my cell phone.
  • My cell phone provider doesn’t seem to recognize the Maritime time zone so I was an hour off, which I didn’t discover until I got a call wondering why I wasn’t in class.
  • When I got to Chicago for the last leg of my return flight, I was told I no longer had a reservation–it had “disappeared” from the system.

But in between all that, I had a great time. The students were wonderful and the location was beautiful. Besides, I got to have a lovely sunset dinner with Susan Anderson, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and Deb Barnhill (not shown).

Steph and Susan

As I checked out, I was told that the hotel was haunted and that one of the ghosts had made an appearance that weekend. A workman caught her on his camera and shared the image.


Do you see her in the doorway? Could she be responsible for some of my mishaps?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Adventure”

  1. Helen Serrao......... in Atlantic time zone

    I hope that despite all the hiccups in your getting to and from St Andrews that you will want to come back. You taught wonderful classes and I really enjoyed them. Thanks for opening my knitting eyes to new things!

  2. Are you sure you didn’t bring the ghost with you from the States? Looks like she’s wearing a knit shawl!

  3. I am NEVER susceptible to ghost stories….make that WAS never. I have not been able to get the picture out of my mind since I saw it six hours ago. If I can’t sleep I’m going to call you to stay up with me!!!!

  4. Perhaps Stephanie is contagious. She seems to be the one normally affected by the travel mishaps. lol Glad everything worked out.

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