Musk Ox and Glaciers

It’s official — I’ll be the guest instructor on a cruise to Alaska next May!


Sponsored by Craft Cruises, this 7-day cruise (plus 4-day extension) will include about 18 hours of knitting classes (to be determined), scrumptious food, and a whole lot of breathtaking scenery. Click here for information on how you can join me.

I’ve never been to Alaska but have always thought that a cruise would be a great introduction to the chiseled landscape. I couldn’t be more excited!

1 thought on “Musk Ox and Glaciers”

  1. dancingwoolymasters

    Congratulations! What a terrific cruise that will be! Now, if it were in August or September…it would be PERFECT. For us Floridians…late summer can be almost unbearable…and what a treat THAT would be…

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