Dreaming in Shetland

I am very happy to announce that Dreaming of Shetland is now available! This special e-book is a fundraiser to enable Deborah Robson to continue her research on Shetland sheep and Shetland wool. Deb is a renowned contributor to the spinning, knitting, publishing, fiber, and every sort of fiber journalism, and is arguably the expert on rare breeds of sheep.



Dreaming of Shetland represents the energy of more than 40 people, who all donated their time and talent to fund Deb’s research. It includes a dedication by Donna Druchunas, a letter from Deb that explains the importance of Shetland sheep, an introduction by Myrna Stahman, a forward by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, and 35 projects and 5 essays from knitters across the country.

I’m proud to say that I had the good fortune to contribute a sock pattern to this project. They are called Crossing Paths Socks. The pattern is only available though this e-book.


The e-book will be released in sections. The first section is a preview, a letter from Deb explaining her work, and the first few patterns, which I think includes my Crossing Paths Socks. Every few weeks another section will be released in the order outlined in the Table of Contents.

Order you copy at www.dreamingofshetland.com for just $20. Every penny goes to Deb’s research and will further our understanding of this important breed of sheep. Purchase your copy and be part of something special!

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