ShiBui Top — Getting Started

I’ve made a sketch of the top I want to make with ShiBui Linen. It will be a shell with rolled edges and gathers along the empire line. I decided to use a simple slip-stitch pattern for a bit a vertical texture. I’m not certain how I want to work the lower edging, so I simply used a crochet chain provisional cast-on. I’m nearly to the part where I’ll decrease for the gathers, which should speed up the knitting. Right now, there are 148 stitches on the needles; after the gathers, there will be about 122 stitches.

lower back and sketch

In the past, I haven’t enjoyed knitting with linen much, but have persevered because the end fabric can be so outstanding. But, for some reason, I’m enjoying working with this yarn.

2 thoughts on “ShiBui Top — Getting Started”

  1. I have some of this yarn, planning to knit Die Cut vest. The pattern calls for 30 sts per 10 cm and 41 rows. I am curious about your gauge. Just for reference.

  2. Hello,
    I couldn’t find the link for your email address so the only way to contact you was through a comment. I am using your favorite formula to convert a sweater pattern but my math isn’t making any sense, then I noticed that in the description at the top you went from a sportweight to worsted. The problem I’m having is that I want to use a worsted weight when the pattern calls for DK. Here is my math:

    On size 7 US

    110 ? / 110 x 22 2420
    —— = —— / ————- = ———— = 124.1 or 124 to cast on
    19.5 22 / 19.5 19.5

    My question is if my gauge is larger than the pattern’s then why would I have to cast on more sts than what the pattern calls for? Or can I just knit the pattern as it is written with the worsted weight yarn, will 4 sts make that big of a difference?

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