It’s Beginning to Look Like a Sweater

I’m closing in on the cuff of the second sleeve and everything is going splendidly with my Weekday Raglan. If you’ve read my earlier posts about this sweater, you know that I’m getting a gauge of 6.75 stitches/inch and am following the instructions for 46″ circumference to end up with a circumference of 40″ (the pattern calls for a gauge of 6 stitches/inch).
I want my sleeves longer than the bracelet-length in the original, so I’m working more decreases. Instead of ending with 66 stitches, I’ll decrease to 60 stitches and add a couple of inches to the overall length. The instructions for the 46″ size say to decrease 1 stitch each side of the sleeve marker every 8th round 11 times, then every 6th round 5 times. Because I know I’m getting more rounds per inch (9.75 instead of 7.75 rounds/inch), and because I want longer sleeves, I will decrease every 8th round until I get to the target 60 stitches.

Second sleeve nearly done