Weekday Raglan–Making Progress

I love how fast the knitting progresses once I’ve determined my gauge and size. It doesn’t seem like I’ve been knitting that much (a couple of cross-country plane flights helps) and I’m already to the base of the armholes on my re-visitation of the Weekday Raglan (page 92 of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters). The twisted stitches along the raglan lines are so much fun that I don’t even care that it takes nearly 10 rounds for me to get an inch in length.


I put the body stitches on a length of string so I could try on the sweater and make sure that it is going to fit–I’m following the instructions for the largest size (46″) in order to end up a 40″ circumference at my gauge of 6.75 stitches and 9.75 rounds to the inch. So far, so good!

1 thought on “Weekday Raglan–Making Progress”

  1. Not confident enough yet to knit a jumper your books still seem like magic that other people do, but it will come & I am enjoying what I knit. As to the jumper love the colour the shape…………nice one babe

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