My Children Go, Another Child Arrives

Last week, our youngest graduated from high school and it seems only fitting that one of our nieces just welcomed a baby boy. It’s that whole “circle of life” thing. And the timing is perfect.

Last month I met Susan Anderson at The Loopy Ewe’s Spring Fling. Susan was teaching classes on how to make her adorable Itty Bitty toys. I snuck into Susan’s classroom before class started and fell in love with her String-A-Long animals. Susan gave me the pattern for the frogs and permission to show my progress on my blog. And she assures me that the pattern will be published within a few months (check out her blog for upcoming details

I promptly ordered five colors of Quince and Company Lark (worsted-weight wool).

Lark Yarn

And I knitted the first frog the same day the yarn arrived.

first frog

This little guy still needs a face and a few friends to hold hands (and feet) with. I envision a long string of them hanging off the side of a crib.


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  1. Rather taken with your froggy looking forward to it being able to see 🙂

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