Inching Along

It seems that I’m on a knitting treadmill–I knit and knit but don’t see any apparent progress on the body of my Briar Rose Glory Days sweater.

But this is giving me lots of time to think about the edgings. I still think I’d like a standard fold-over collar at the neck and a zipper closure. But now I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be cool to trim it all with I-cord. I can use the I-cord bind-off on the sleeves and lower body. For the fronts, I can pick up stitches along the selvedges, then work the I-cord bind off to make a nice edging against the zipper. But I haven’t quite gotten my head around how the collar will fit it. Should I work an I-cord edging on the collar as well, or would that be too much?
At lease, at this rate, I won’t have to make a decision for a while.

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