A Lot of Little Sweaters

I am on my way to Billings, Montana, to teach sweater construction at Wild Purls Yarns, an adorable yarn shop in what’s left of the Wild West. I will teach classes in working sweaters both from the bottom up in pieces that get seamed and from the top-down in a single seamless piece. In both classes, we’ll knit adorable little sweaters. Here are my class samples (in various degrees of completion).

The three sweaters on the left are for the bottom-up class. In this two-day class (with homework), students get to choose between drop shoulder, modified-drop shoulder, and set-in sleeve construction with round or V-necks. By the end of the class, everyone is able to sew perfect (or nearly perfect) seams and pick up stitches evenly and beautifully.
The two sweaters on the right are for the top-down class. This class is only one day because there are no seams, but I don’t expect anyone to get beyond the point where the body and sleeves are divided at the end of the day (their homework will be to finish the body and sleeves on their own). For this class, the students will choose between seamless yoke and raglan construction; those who choose the raglan will also get to choose between round and V-necks.
Assuming that everything goes well, I’ll have images of student samples, which usually show a nice array of colors and patterns.

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