I’ve gone back to my Briar Rose sweater and am almost back to where I had to rip out. This time you’ll notice that the live stitches of both shoulder straps are facing the armholes as they should. I’m so proud.

I haven’t minded retracing my steps on this one because I enjoy the combination of yarn and stitch pattern. I’m also motivated to get it finished before I have to put all my sweaters away for the summer.

3 thoughts on “Backtracking”

  1. Ann, I got into the Atlantic fibre fest but not the class that I wanted to take w/ you….boo hoo! However, I am happy to be in ANY class w/ you! Mary in Cincinnati

  2. sorry for the second comment but I wanted to ask if anything on top down design will be in the regular how to design class? thanks, Mary in Cincinnati

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