Into the Frying Pan

No need for a jump-start anymore — I’m in the middle of a two-day class for Craft Cruises Knit & Ski in Steamboat, Colorado. It’s a cool 8 degrees here with snow in the forecast — good knitting weather, I think.
I’m teaching Sweater Basics and Finishing to 15 students. The class is taking place at Sew Steamboat, an adorable knitting and sewing shop in the historic center of town. I’m staying in the historic Bristol Hotel right next door. Talk about historic — how many of you recognize the black box on the bedside table?

3 thoughts on “Into the Frying Pan”

  1. We didn’t have one quite like that when I was growing up, but I know both sets of my Grandparents did. I do remember the beige rotary phone, and of course the blue, white and pink princess phones.

  2. Ours when I was growing up was slightly sleeker, but still basic black and very heavy. My grandmother’s was exactly like the one on the table, and I loved it. Until a few years ago we had a functioning beige wall phone, rotary. Children would ask what it was and then, could they try it? Of course! Who do you want to call. The rotary dial was a new experience for them. (That beige phone was the clearest and had the best sound of any phone we have owned in years. If we go back to a landline that is the one we will use, since we own it.)

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