Going International

My teaching will go international this September and I couldn’t be more excited.

For the week of September 16-22, I will teach at the Bon Tricot (that’s Good Knitting!) Tour hosted by Kristeen Griffen-Grimes, author of French Girl Knits and French Girl Knits Accessories books, and her family-run company Belle France Tours.
The purpose of the excursion is to “knit and relax in the beautiful south of France.” I will provide four mornings of knitting instruction, then we will be free the rest of the day to enjoy the local culture and cuisine, and to knit, of course. We haven’t settled on the classes I’ll teach (in English), but I plan to keep them fun and informative but not overly taxing (we’ll be in France, after all).
Here’s a view from where we’ll be staying:
Click here for more information. I sure would love to meet some of you there!