Terpander Socks–A Finished Pair

I found myself completely alone this weekend–our eldest son has flown the nest, the twins are away being camp counselors, and my husband went to his 40th high-school reunion. I took advantage of not having to cook, clean, or do other daily chores and spent the weekend knitting. It’s been a while since I’ve devoted so much time to knitting and it was pure bliss.

After what seems like ages, I finished Melissa Morgan-Oakes Terpander socks from Sock Knitting Master Class (page 144), ending with very little yarn left over.

Knitted from the toe up, these socks include ribs, cables, and a little bit of lace. The originals are knitted with a luxurious blend of merino, cashmere, and nylon called Classy Sox from Dye Dreams. Sadly, Dye Dreams closed before the book came out, but I happened to have some of their yarn in my stash–Luster Sox, which is 100% superwash bluefaced Leicester.

The biggest adjustment I made is that I didn’t knit these two at a time on one longer circular needle. I can’t help it — I get so annoyed with the way the balls of yarn get tangled that I just can’t do it. I used my very pointy Signature double-point needles instead. They make quick work of decreases and cabling without a cable needle.
The yarn I used is a bit thinner than the Classy Sox recommended so I added a couple k1, p1 ribs at each side of the leg, working the foot on 80 stitches instead of the specified 72 stitches. I wanted to make sure the socks would fit my big feet (and they do!).
I increased the gussets to 120 stitches (instead of 108) and worked the heel flap until 78 stitches remained. This eliminated the k2 panel that Melissa had along each side of the leg. I worked these stitches in k1, p1 rib instead.
To make the leg a tad longer, I finished the chart on Row 3.
For a little more interest in the ribbing at the top of the leg, I continued the 4-stitch cable/lace patterns all the way to the bind-off edge.

Next up are Anna Zilboorg’s Half-Stranded Socks.

4 thoughts on “Terpander Socks–A Finished Pair”

  1. The socks turned out marvelous, they look really great. I hope someday to do a pair of toe up, but for now, I am a stick in the mud.
    I am so excited, I got a notice from Amazon, they told me your book was being shipped to me on the 10th then they said the 8th, YAY can’t wait it is winging its way to me. So, so excited.

  2. Received the book today. Oh WOW, can’t wait to start using the principles that are in it. I have a few patterns I use and reuse, this way I have more size usage available.
    i wish there was a way we could get the extras from the e-book. But I am very happy with what I have.

  3. ordered your book from Amazon today and am so excited…thanks for writing it. Top-down is my favorite way to knit. mary in Cincinnati

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