Proof that Knitting is on the Rise

I went to a baby shower last weekend for a soon-to-be grandchild of one of the owners of my local knitting/weaving/spinning shop. Normally I knit a wee sweater for children of good friends but this year I’ve gotten myself a little overextended. Feeling guilty, I purchased a stuffed animal–but I wrapped it nicely in a silk bag decorated with gold thread and sequins. I sat in the back and made myself small.

To everyone’s delight, the first gift the mom-to-be opened was a sweater. So was the fourth. Then again a few packages later and few packages after that. In all, the baby received six (6!) handknitted sweaters (well, one was crocheted), three blankets (again, one was crocheted), three hats, and a pair of socks. I should have known–most of the guests were employees of said yarn shop.

I left feeling smug that I had the foresight to be different and give a toy!

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