Half-Stranded Sock–Top of Foot

Staying up late, I finished the top of the foot, or the instep, of Anna Zilboorg’s Half-Stranded Socks.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I knit much tighter than I purl. So much so that I use a larger needle for knit rows than purl rows. For these socks, I’m using a 2.75mm needle for right-side rows and a 2.50mm needle for wrong-side rows. This keeps my stockinette looking even. (When I work with interchangeable circular needles, I put different size tips on each end of the cable.)

You might want to try this trick if you find your stockinette has a stripy appearance from the stitches being different sizes on alternate rows.

4 thoughts on “Half-Stranded Sock–Top of Foot”

  1. My purl stitches are also looser than my knit stitches. Thank you for the tip to use different needles sizes on interchangeable circulars. Really helpful.

  2. I find that taking the yarn aound the needle in a clockwise direction makes for looser stitches and taking it around the need counter cockwise makes for tighter stitches. This might be a solution for you. It’s way easier than keeping track of different size needles.

  3. Hello, I was wondering if you could explain how you picked up and knitted the cast on stitches when they were upside down?

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