Terpander–Getting Started

I finally got back to Sock Knitting Master Class this weekend and started the Terpander socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. These socks are a lesson in working two socks at a time (from the toe up) on two circular needles. You get a pretty great cable pattern, too.

For the socks in the book, Melissa used Dye Dreams Classy Sox, which is a luscious blend of 80% merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon. Sadly, Dye Dreams closed down last year and this particular yarn is no longer available. But, I happen to have some Dye Dreams Luster Sox (100% Blue-Face Leicester) in my stash, so I decided to at least stay with the same company for my version.

Now, I have a confession to make. I detest working with two circular needles and I detest working two socks at a time–too many needles and strands of yarn flopping around and getting tangled. It slows me down, takes the fun out of knitting, and makes me grumpy. So, I decided to follow Melissa’s most excellent pattern, but work the socks one at a time on my cherished Signature double-point needles. These needles make quick work of stitch manipulations, such as decreases and cables without a cable needle. To avoid the “second-sock syndrome,” I’m going to knit the second sock first ;-).

To make socks that have some chance of fitting my big feet, I’m working at at gauge of 18 sts/inch (rather than 19) on size 2.5 mm (about 1 1/2 in U.S. sizing) needles and I added 8 sts to the pattern–one k1, p1 rib at each side of the instep, and one k1, p1 rib at each side of the back of the leg (for the foot, I just added 4 sts to the stockinette-stitch sole). Consequently, I increased the toe to 80 sts (40 sts each for the instep and sole). So far, it seems to fit. I’ll just have to be careful not to make the foot too long.

7 thoughts on “Terpander–Getting Started”

  1. ” To avoid the “second-sock syndrome,” I’m going to knit the second sock first ;-).”

    I like that idea. Let me know how it works for you. It never has worked for me :).

    I’m Not even going to comment on your adjustments. I do that sort of thing all of the time to get something that fits my feet and cankles.


  2. Have you tried working from both ends of the same cake, with the cake sitting on a recycled CD spindle? It’s a trick Melissa taught me and I use it ALL the time for 2AAT items. No flopping about and one lovely circ involved. That’s it!

  3. Second Sock Syndrome. I finally came up with a solution that has worked for me for years cause I love to knit socks I had to come up with something! So being a sock knitter I have no lack of DPN’s. So I start a sock and for example knit the cuff and the next through rows through one pattern repeat and then start the second sock and go through all of the first sock and a second repeat and then go back to the first and do the second repeat plus the third, etc. Works for me. I get to see both of the socks happening, keeps them exactly the same size as far as rows, etc. It just works for me!!!

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