eBook Update

I’m relieved to report that The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters eBook has been taken off the Interweave Store site to be replaced with the expanded version that includes the modified-drop shoulder chapter and three additional patterns.
Interweave tells me that, due to family emergencies among key people, it will be a week or two before the new version is available. I’ve not yet received confirmation that those of you who already purchased the eBook will get the update free, but I think if we all pester them it will happen.
Thanks for your patience!

4 thoughts on “eBook Update”

  1. I have sent a very nice email to Interweave and will keep you and others that ordered from here updated when they get back to me. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Just as well then that my order was cancelled because of paypal problems 😉 Looking forward to ordering it, again…

  3. I’m still interested in whether hard copy buyers will receive the additional chapter and patterns included in the e-book? I need the hard copy, but I don’t want to miss out, especially when the hard copy will actually cost me more. Thanks. I’m looking forward to using your book.

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