Stealth Argyles–First Sock Completed

Here’s my first sock of Eunny Jang’s Stealth Argyles from Sock Knitting Master Class.

I made the sock a little shorter–it measures just 8″ from the base of the heel instead of 13 1/2″–and I used a contrasting color for the toe, heel, and cuff (I can’t imagine an entire sock–or much of anything else–out of this acid green color).
I also deviated a bit on the short-row heel. Instead of following the wrap-and-turn method that Eunny used, I substituted Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ yarnover method that’s described on page 133 (for Priscilla’s Bulgarian Blooms).
And, instead of using the decrease bind-off specified in the pattern, I used the tubular method described on page 121.
On to the mate!

2 thoughts on “Stealth Argyles–First Sock Completed”

  1. Very nice, Ann! The heel looks kind of scary somim keeping note of how you did it. I especially like the colors you used.

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