A Pieced Sock

Last night, I sewed together the for sections of the sock for Piecework’s upcoming Knitting Traditions special publication.
The seams involve working a whipstitch to join the bind-off edge of one piece to the cast-on edge of the next. Fortunately, each piece has the same number of stitches so the pieces are sewed together stitch for stitch and no easing is involved. I tried to sew fairly loosely to maintain the elasticity of the knitting, but the seams do make tight areas that are a little more difficult to pull over a heel.

I can convince myself that the seams make decorative design elements, but I can’t say that the practicality of being able to replace the heel and toe are worth the fuss. I’d rather knit another pair of socks!

3 thoughts on “A Pieced Sock”

  1. I know this was based on a historical pattern but would it be possible to work each section with a provisional cast on and then knit the sections together using a 3 needle bind off on the outside of the work? even 3 needle bind off using purl to get the garter ridge? that would be a more elastic seam and could still be taken apart. Or would the pattern not lend itself to that idea?

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