Bulgarian Blooms–Getting Started

The next pair of socks in Sock Knitting Master Class is Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ Bulgarian Blooms (shown on page 130).

These socks are almost entirely stockinette stitch but the plain knitting is decorated with intarsia flowers and leaves along the outer legs. Most knitters are taught that intarsia can only be done in flat knitting worked in rows. But Priscilla figured out a way to do this type of color-block patterning while working in rounds. I’ve been looking forward to applying this technique in a pair of socks!
Priscilla used Brown Sheep Cotton Fine (80% cotton, 20% merino; 222 yd/50 g). I chose Cascade Yarns Heritage Sock Yarn (75% merino superwash, 25% nylon; 473 yd/100 g) for my version. I know that I have trouble knitting with black yarn, so I chose a dark green for the main color (I’ll probably be sorry because the dark green looks black in low light.) I’ll work the flowers in two shades of red and I’ll make the leaves gold. I’m on the fence about the tiny white flowers. I’ll use something from my stash if I decide to include them.
These socks are worked from the toe up, beginning with a provisional cast-on for a short-row toe. I finished the toe and worked a few rounds after joining the stitches before I stopped to take a photo. I have miles of stockinette ahead of me before the fun begins.

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  1. You should definitely do the white flowers….maybe not white but a yellow or something…but definitely include them.

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