Bulgarian Blooms–Foot and Heel

After the stop-and-start knitting in Kathryn Alexander’s Up-Down Entrelac socks, I’m finding it a pleasure to work the plain stockinette foot and heel of Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ Bulgarian Blooms. The foot nearly knitted itself. Before I knit the next round, I have to decide whether or not to include the little white flowers in the chart (page 135 of Sock Knitting Master Class). I guess it’s time to search my sock-yarn stash for contenders. I’ll be interested in what I decide.
BTW, the markers are so that I’ll be sure to knit the same number of rows in the mate. The first marker (orange) is at the end of the short-row toe, the second marker is 40 rows later, the third is 20 rows later, and the last one (orange) marks the beginning of the short-row heel shaping. In all, I knitted 80 rows between the toe and heel.