Bulgarian Blooms–Foot and Heel

After the stop-and-start knitting in Kathryn Alexander’s Up-Down Entrelac socks, I’m finding it a pleasure to work the plain stockinette foot and heel of Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ Bulgarian Blooms. The foot nearly knitted itself. Before I knit the next round, I have to decide whether or not to include the little white flowers in the chart (page 135 of Sock Knitting Master Class). I guess it’s time to search my sock-yarn stash for contenders. I’ll be interested in what I decide.
BTW, the markers are so that I’ll be sure to knit the same number of rows in the mate. The first marker (orange) is at the end of the short-row toe, the second marker is 40 rows later, the third is 20 rows later, and the last one (orange) marks the beginning of the short-row heel shaping. In all, I knitted 80 rows between the toe and heel.

1 thought on “Bulgarian Blooms–Foot and Heel”

  1. I always use makers to count rows to make exactly matching mates to mittens and socks. Took me a few pairs of fraternal mittens and socks before I finally started doing this. It take no time and eases my mind.

    But really, what I’m staring at are the needles in your picture. Are those Signature Needles Arts? fans self Oh be still my beating heart!

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