Up-Down Entrelac–Joining Foot and Leg

I’ve completed the leg and foot of the second sock and am ready for the unusual join. The leg is worked from the top down to the ankle; the foot is worked from the toe up to the ankle.

The the stitches are joined across the instep with–those of you who dislike Kitchener stitch, rejoice–a three-needle bind-off. I was a little skeptical about the comfort of the bind-off sts across the top of the instep, but when I tried on the sock, I couldn’t detect it.

All that’s left is the heel, which is worked in a wedge on the remaining stitches (like an afterthought or peasant heel), and some sort of finish for the cuffs. Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “Up-Down Entrelac–Joining Foot and Leg”

  1. Fascinating construction! I think I might use a self striping yarn but it depends on my resolve when I get to PF. 🙂 lol Love those colours!

  2. So I assume this means that the seam for the three needle bind-off is against the skin as opposed to being a decorative accent on the outside of the sock?

    Can you tell that I haven’t gotten to this sock yet?

  3. So THAT’s why they are called Up-Down. Maybe you mentioned that before and I missed it? Now I understand these socks so much more.

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