Up-Down Entrelac–Begun!

I finally go over my hesitations and plunged into Kathryn Alexander’s eye-candy Up-Down Entrelac socks from Sock Knitting Master Class. As the name implies, these socks are partly knitted from the bottom up and partly from the top down. But they begin with an entrelac strip that’s knitted side to side and joined into a tube. Then stitches are picked up along one edge and worked in rounds to to top, where they are finished with a series of triangles. I’m not convinced that the triangles won’t bunch up under my pant legs, so for now I’ve put the stitches on a holder and will decide how to finish them later–maybe with a decorative bind-off instead.

For my version, I decided to put all 30 balls in a bag and pick colors randomly as needed. I can hardly go wrong since all of the colors look so good together in the bag.

The next step is to pick up stitches around the base of the tube and work the leg down to the heel. I admit to being a little overwhelmed by the number of ends there will be to weave in…

3 thoughts on “Up-Down Entrelac–Begun!”

  1. Why don’t you knit the ends in for instance the way Kaffe Fasset and Brandon Mably does, or if they are the same color, splice the ends together the Russian way!?

  2. I’m not a sock knitter but I’m reminded of a sock contest held by Stitches a few years back where the winning sock design didn’t have any of the ends weaved in; they just felted themselves on the inside with wear and washing. Anyone remember the details? Ninaclock145

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