Up-Down Entrelac–A little delay

Well, I was all set to start Kathryn Alexander’s Up-Down Entrelac socks last night, but I realized that all of the mini-skeins needed to be wound into balls. It took more than an hour for me to wind all 30 colors, at which time I decided it was too late to start. They look so pretty in the morning light that I’m still reluctant to start knitting.

I’m torn between trying to match the colors to Kathryn’s originals and letting serendipity determine the colors I use. I can’t wait to see what I decide!

16 thoughts on “Up-Down Entrelac–A little delay”

  1. If you choose to go your own way with the colors, you will experience, that it is right, when Kathryn says that all the colors fit each other.
    Stunning colors!

  2. Holy Guacamole! those are gorgeous 🙂 Have fun with the socks, you have inspired me to knit my way through the book too and I am partway through Cookie A’s pattern. Thanks again for the great classes too! xo Meghan in Spokane

  3. I cheated and knit mine using Fire Lizard’s Joy fingering yarn. It’s dyed with 6″ to 8″ lengths of each color – just about enough for one entrelac unit, give or take.

    It was fun watching how the colors played out, and I had fewer ends to weave in.

    But my socks will NEVER be as good as the real deal with 30 colors!

  4. I am thrilled that you are knitting these socks. I have admired them for years and lack the courage (fortitude?) to actually jump in. Anxiously awaiting your posts! Serendipity indeed!

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