Too Much of a Good Thing

It seems that there can be too much of a good thing.
Interweave is in the process of designing the text for The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters into a user-friendly visual treat of a book that just keeps going and going. The book was contracted for 232 pages but I seem to have written enough to fill more than 300–who knew I had so much to say?!
We’ve compromised and Interweave will increase the page count to 264 and I’ve agreed to cut the entire modified drop-shoulder chapter from the print version (it will be included in the e-book). I’m still mourning the lost chapter but I do believe that modified drop-shoulder sweaters are the least likely to be knitted from the top down and I’d rather cut that chapter from the print version than increase the cover price.
I know that some of you have pre-ordered the print book (the e-book isn’t available for pre-sale yet) with the understanding that the modified drop-shoulder chapter would be included. I’m sure that Interweave will issue a refund if you’d like. On the other hand, the book will be loaded with information about circular yoke, raglan, set-in sleeve, and saddle-shoulder sweaters and you’ll get 32 more pages of charts, tips, variations, and inspiration for the same price!

5 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing”

  1. How about including a personalized elink to the omitted chapter? I know a number of publishers in the recent past have included cds with added content, but the newest thing I’ve seen is a personal link to extra content on the web.

    Personally, I am least likely to knit a drop shoulder sweater (top down or otherwise), so I am happy with the content choice you made.

    Hope this comes out soon — I can hardly wait!


  2. I pre-ordered the book yesterday. Can’t wait to get it and learn many new secrets. Top-Down has always been my favorite method of knitting sweaters – so I’m really looking forward to this great book.

  3. so many mysteries(to me!) about to be demystified by youur book!! thanks, Mary in Cincinnati

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