Slip-n-Slide: The Last of the Top-Down Socks

I just finished the second Slip-n-Slide sock and they are already on my feet. Every now and then I see a glimpse of bright green peeking from under my jeans and it makes me optimistic that spring really is on it’s way. Even though February is the shortest month, it always seems to drag on with cold, gloomy days.

With the completion of this pair, I have worked through all of the top-down socks in Sock Knitting Master Class and I have ten (10!) outstanding pairs of socks to prove it. I’ve been reluctant to wear most of them because I keep thinking they’d make nice gifts. But, I wonder, will anyone appreciate all the nuances of technique and design as much as me?

20 thoughts on “Slip-n-Slide: The Last of the Top-Down Socks”

  1. I’m having the same problem. I thought I had Christmas presents for next year completed but I don’t know if I can part with them. I started wearing the Up Down Entrelac immediately.
    But do I need 17 pairs of socks. I’m on the last pair now, the Toe Up travelers and just like all the rest – It is my favorite so far. Some don’t fit me very well so I guess I’ll part with those.
    Pat – Alicesmom on Ravelry

  2. What a wonderful collection of socks! My friends who’ve been the recipients of hand knitted objects have appreciated the time and care that it took to knit the gift. One caveat, I only give knitted gifts to those who I know appreciate the craft. Others get store-bought ;).

  3. Gorgeous collection of socks. A true inspiration. How long did it take to knit up all 10 pairs? Or…do I want to know?

    Truly stunning.

    Are handspun and handknit socks next?

  4. In the past have given socks as gifts, but I have been hurt so many times the grateful recipients have told me how much they enjoy wearing the the as slippers. I’m sure you can understand how I cringe and want to say: No-no-no… CAN’T be wear them as slippers…..they will wear out and do you “appreciate all the nuances of technique and design?”.
    So until I “grow up” and learn to give sock gifts freely, they are sitting pretty on the shelf. I’m okay with that at the moment.

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