Wool People 2

Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed just uploaded Wool People Volume 2.

I am happy to report that I have the great honor of being among the 14 designers for this volume. Check out Guston and let me know if you decide to knit it.

6 thoughts on “Wool People 2”

  1. just purchased the pattern and will try to cast on next week-end. will try to knit it with cascade 220 yarn.
    my hubby is in love with this sweater but wants it a bit longer.

  2. The instructions give lengths for men’s and women’s versions. The one in the photograph was the women’s length. I think you’ll be fine if you follow the men’s length–it’s 2″ longer.

  3. thanks! i will note this down though the pattern seems to be very well written and logic.
    thanks for your comment on my boun’s hat!

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