Mock Cables and Lace–Halfway Done!

With the completion of the toe of the first Mock Cables and Lace sock (page 102), I’m officially halfway through Sock Knitting Master Class.

This sock was relatively easy for me since I’d knitted the originals shown in the book and was familiar with the stitch pattern. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed knitting it a third time.
I made the following adjustments to the instructions:

  1. Instead of the magic-loop method with a 40″ circular needle, I used my very sharp Signature double-pointed needles to make easy work of the twisted stitches and right-twists.
  2. Instead of the k2, p1 cable cast-on, I used the old Norwegian (also called German twist) cast-on. My only excuse is that I was lazy and didn’t want to have to follow the chart for the cast-on row.
  3. I decided that the heel flap was a bit too long so I stopped after 32 rows (instead of 36 rows). That meant that I only had 16 chain edge stitches to pick up for each gusset. As specified in the instructions, I picked up an extra stitch in each corner to help prevent holes from forming, making a total of 17 stitches picked up at each side for a total of 92 stitches (instead of 96 stitches). I decreased the gussets to 74 stitches as specified.
  4. When using the zigzag bind-off (described on page 46), I worked the first two and last two stitches  together on each needle to help minimize the “ears” that can result from this type of bind-off.

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