Mock Cables and Lace–A Finished Pair

I finished the second Mock Cables and Lace Sock (page 102 of Sock Knitting Master Class) and am thoroughly pleased with the pair.

I noticed that I’ve used close to same color yarn for three pairs of the socks I’ve knitted from Sock Knitting Master Class. I do love the caramel-ly gold color, but I think there’s a better reason.
A few years ago I bought a pair of Taos clogs. The clogs are covered in real color-stranded knitting! Many of my socks clash with the rust, gold, and brown pattern, so I’ve lately gravitated to solid colors that match the shoes. In addition to the Mock Cables and Ribs, my Rose Ribs (page 80) and Knot Socks (page 96) coordinate beautifully with these most special shoes.