Knot Socks–Nearly Done

I’m making my way down the foot of Nancy Bush’s Knot Socks from Sock Knitting Master Class. Recently, I was asked how to make two socks the same length so I thought I’d show you what I do.
As I work my way along the foot, I place a safety-pin type marker in every 20th round of knitting. This way, I only have to count 20 rounds at at time, then I place a final marker on the round before the toe (or heel) begins. Then I know exactly how many rounds to work for the foot of the second sock. I’ve found that I try to knit at least to the next marker at each sitting, which makes me finish quicker. I do the same thing when knitting the legs.

If the sock has a stitch or texture pattern, as in the Knot Socks, you can simply count the number of pattern repeats in the first sock to make the second sock match. If you do this, be sure to make note of where in the last repeat the toe or heel begins so you can end the second sock at exactly the same place.

3 thoughts on “Knot Socks–Nearly Done”

  1. I’m so borrowing that marker idea! The “knit to the next color” has gotten me through quite a few socks, so this will likely get another pair or two of socks wrapped and under the tree… thanks!

  2. Thanks, Ann! I love the system and plan to make it mine immediately. (Well, as soon as I finish the Christmas knitting and go back to my beloved socks.)

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