Knot Socks–A Complete Pair

I finished Nancy Bush’s Knot Sock (p.96 of Sock Knitting Master Class) and enjoyed every minute of knitting. The pattern is one of those that is involved enough to keep it from getting boring and simple enough that the chart need only be glanced at a few times during each repeat.
Here they are just after blocking.

Notice anything different about the toes? Once again, I ran out of yarn and had to substitute another yarn at the end. Curse my big feet!
I could have avoided this if I’d paid closer attention to the number of yards in the skein I substituted for the Schaefer Yarn that Nancy used. Schaefer Anne has 560 yards (which is more than enough for even heavily cabled socks) and the yarn I used had just 385 yards. I should know by now that I need at least 400 yards for the longish legs that I like and big feet that I have.