Twisted-Stitch Stockings Upper Foot Completed

These socks have me intrigued. I’ve never knitted a moccasin sole and it’s a little hard for me to envision.
That’s why I’ve been knitting like a bandit these last couple of days.
I finished the instep and the heel “flap” this morning.
It begins with the center 8 heel flap stitches put on waste yarn, then the upper foot is worked back and forth in rows while maintaining the twisted cable pattern on the instep and decreasing stitches each side of the held heel stitches. Then the instep is worked straight to the toe, which is shaped with decreases. The remaining toe stitches are placed on a holder.
Here’s what it looks like when viewed from the wrong side of the instep. The two orange markers show where the heel decreases ended.

Next, the held heel stitches are worked (in pattern) while stitches are picked up along the shaped edges.
Here’s what it looks like after the heel is completed. I’ve removed the two orange markers. (The color difference between the two images is because one was taken at night under artificial light.)

Tonight I hope to work the sole.
Stay tuned.

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  1. This has me intrigued. I’ve about given up knitting socks for my grandson because he puts holes in the sole/heel of the socks. This would/will be a great alternative. The child does love his hand knit socks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your Sock Knitting Master Class journey, thanks for the ride.

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