Arwen’s Yarn

Early this summer I visited the alpacas at Stargazer Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. I left with some fleece from Arwen.

I’ve blogged about my trials in cleaning and carding the fleece, but now my efforts have paid off. I have 875 yards of sportweight alpaca in a luscious chestnut color. I photographed this yarn while waiting for a wardrobe change at a recent photo shoot for an upcoming book that will be published by Interweave Press. (I’m the editor of this book but am not allowed to disclose information about it yet.) Encouraged by the amount of yarn I produced, I’ll probably knit it into some sort of warm lace shawl.

The photographer’s assistant, Scotty, was suitably impressed with my yarn and modeled it for me.

Now, there’s an fashionable look!

3 thoughts on “Arwen’s Yarn”

  1. Your handspun is beautiful, Ann! And you are a beginner??? I think the disclaimer “quality of the yarn pictured is not typical, your results may vary” applies here!!!

    Arwen looks very sweet. For an alpaca… are they nicer than Llamas? Not fond of Llamas.

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