Thigh-High Stripes–A Completed Pair

I finished both socks! Just to shake things up a bit, I kept rust as the main color but I switched out some of the colors on the second sock so that the two wouldn’t match perfectly. I’ve decided that for the time being, these will be my official socks for spinning–won’t they look groovy against the wood treadles of the wheel?

Here’s a breakdown of the yarn amounts (in grams) used for Deb Newton’s original knee socks (in blue) and my abbreviated version (in red):
brown: 71 for knee socks; 10 for my version
teal: 20; 8
lavendar: 19; 8
chartreuse: 17; 13
rust: 19; 37
rose: 21; 10
gold: 26; 15

Now’s here the good news: there is enough yarn left over to knit the knee socks if you use teal for the main color, and more than enough to duplicate my version exactly. Not one to keep all this color happiness to myself, I’ll send the leftover yarn to an interested reader. All you have to do is respond to this email with your name and why you want to knit these socks by Oct 10, and I’ll draw a name and announce the winner. Then you’ll need to email your mailing address to me privately at If I don’t hear from you within 48 hours, I’ll draw another name.

20 thoughts on “Thigh-High Stripes–A Completed Pair”

  1. Who wouldn’t want to knit these socks!!??!! My knitting friends mock me because of my love for wild color choices and asymmetrical socks. I’m going to send your post to them to prove that even the greats have a small screw loose…. Anyway, I’d love a bit more color happiness in the starting-to-rain Pacific Northwest. I must admit to a pause when I read “knit these socks by Oct 10” but I realized that you just want the response by then. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. I’d love to knit socks with your leftovers! I have been drooling over these socks, but buying that many balls of yarn for one pair of socks seemed a bit extravagant.

    I’m glad you mentioned that there is enough teal to use it as the main color, because that is my favorite color to wear.

  3. Wonderful wonderful socks! I’ll knit these socks for sure. If I win this yarn it will happen so much sooner. I’m new to your blog. Thanks for the humour and inspiration.

  4. Mmm. The left overs would be awesome! I definitely want to knit these socks, as they look awesome, and I’ve never done color work of any sort before. I think it would be a fun/challenging project.

  5. My youngest would love those socks, and I would love knitting them… it’s getting cold here!! Also, thanks for the shortened version notes, as I don’t wear knee socks (but love those stripes!)

  6. If I won the leftovers, it would be the wildest pair of socks I have ever knit and worn! Need to break a spell of bad luck… Good luck to ME!

  7. Spinning socks is a fabulous idea! And the leftovers would be an awesome way to create my own special spinning socks. Love the idea.

  8. I took the sock class you presented in Scotts Bluff. I tried out the tip for not getting a hole at the top of the gusset. It worked. I have no hole and I didn’t have to pick up the extra stitch in the gap. Thanks to you and your pal who gave you the tip. I would love the left overs from your stripe socks. The first two pair of socks I made were from left-over sock yarn from my mother’s sock knitting. All three of the boys in turn wore those socks.

  9. I’d love to knit a pair of socks with our leftover yarn, Ann! Think your shorter version would be something I could do without being too intimidated.

  10. These socks are wonderful. I loved the knee socks, but knew that I would never-ever knit them because it would take me forever and I know no one who wears knee socks. I’ll be re-creating yours exactly. I’ve been told I’m anal that way:)

  11. I am waiting for backordered yarn so I can knit the thigh-high version, but my Mom would LOVE to copy you and end up with a short version!

  12. I would love to knit these socks — I’m drawn to colorwork lately (maybe it is the more frequent gray weather of the season), but can’t imagine buying all of the yarn needed to make them. A “kit” would be very welcome!

  13. I have two young red headed nieces who would look fabulous in these socks. If I am lucky enough to win the drawing they’ll be wearing them for Christmas!

    Thank you for your good humor and inspiration!

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