Thigh-High Stripes–A Completed Pair

I finished both socks! Just to shake things up a bit, I kept rust as the main color but I switched out some of the colors on the second sock so that the two wouldn’t match perfectly. I’ve decided that for the time being, these will be my official socks for spinning–won’t they look groovy against the wood treadles of the wheel?

Here’s a breakdown of the yarn amounts (in grams) used for Deb Newton’s original knee socks (in blue) and my abbreviated version (in red):
brown: 71 for knee socks; 10 for my version
teal: 20; 8
lavendar: 19; 8
chartreuse: 17; 13
rust: 19; 37
rose: 21; 10
gold: 26; 15

Now’s here the good news: there is enough yarn left over to knit the knee socks if you use teal for the main color, and more than enough to duplicate my version exactly. Not one to keep all this color happiness to myself, I’ll send the leftover yarn to an interested reader. All you have to do is respond to this email with your name and why you want to knit these socks by Oct 10, and I’ll draw a name and announce the winner. Then you’ll need to email your mailing address to me privately at If I don’t hear from you within 48 hours, I’ll draw another name.